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Our Store

Think of unsurpassable, friendly service along with great quality products at unbeatable low prices—that is pretty much what Prima USA is about. We are a wholesaler located in the Greater Los Angeles Area specializing in the distribution of Airsoft products. We carry all types of Airsoft guns including spring pistols, spring rifles, gas guns, CO2 guns, electric guns, and more! In addition to guns, we also carry a full line of Airsoft accessories and BB’s of different weight class.


Prima is dedicated to the interest and satisfaction of our customers. There is nothing we would not do or accommodate to protect your interest and gain your satisfaction. We stay committed to being a direct importer that offers retailers the best prices.

Our office is located in the city of El Monte, California. We encourage you to visit us and judge for yourself on our products and services. To find out our contact information, please visit the Contact Us page.

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